If I Only Had An…

One of the great skits from the old Dana Carvey Show
Premise: when The Wizard Of Oz was running too long, the producers eliminated one of the characters from the “yellow brick road” sequence. (Yes, that’s Steven Colbert Steve Carrell as the Tin Man).

Ignore the frame grab seen below. That’s Mary Todd Lincoln in “First Ladies As Dogs,” an equally funny premise and skit from the same episode.

When the clip ends, you’ll have the option to watch the entire show online. And other episodes as well. Great options to have. Or you can get the entire series for 18 bucks on Amazon.

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Casting Tragedies

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More Tom Snyder Audio – and Video

Some more Tom Snyder for those of us still in TS withdrawal. These won’t play in Box.net’s player, you’ll have to download first.
1) With Jack Haley Jr. on Wizard of Oz (joined in progress; this is a good time to remind you to take Isn’t Life Terrible’s Impossible Wizard of Oz Quiz.)

2) With Tim Conway.

3) The Nightside Hour. Tom reserved the final hour of his three-hour radio show for audience members who wanted to call in. This is from Sept. 8, 1992.

And for those of you who may have missed it, from The Tommorow Show, a favorite episode featuring Disney animator Ward Kimball that somehow survived the years on my 3/4″ video copy, taped off the air.

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Which One Came Out of the Sewer? Take This Quiz!

Isn’t Life Terrible has developed The World’s Most Difficult Wizard of Oz QUIZ.
Once you realize how little you know, visit Jim’s Wizard of Oz site.

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