Sundays With Snyder - Number 5

The television business I know is over. Gone. Kaput. Finiti.
- Tom Snyder March 27 2003

June 26, 1992.

John Gotti’s in jail. Roe versus Wade has been challenged. Murphy Brown has been challenged, too, by Dan Quayle, who doesn’t like the single character deciding to have a baby. Meantime, there’s a real newswoman in Boston who’s doing the very same thing.

A bunch of guys are riding around in the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile documenting Roadside America – including places like Carhenge - Stonehenge recreated with half-buried used cars.

And Tom decides to write his very own version of The Vermont Teddy Bear commercial.

A complete 3-hour Radio Show which runs just under two hours in this version without most ads and newsbreaks. A good one.

Listen or download.

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