When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade, Scatter Squeezed Lemons Around The Floor, Slip On Them, Break Three Discs and Crush Four Vertebrae

I have searched for Terry Rivers online, but cannot find him. If he’s alive (doubtful) I think he’s owed a sincere apology from everyone on the planet. The line between comedy and tragedy has never been as thin as it appears here; this is life as a Laurel and Hardy comedy minus the laughs. I was going to redact the photo and address information; but then I thought, “Why? Because ’something bad’ might happen as a result?” Be as incredulous as you like when you click on the picture to read about Terry’s post-high school life, but please be aware that this is no joke. It is an actual excerpt from a 20th high school reunion booklet.

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