Really Trivial Music Trivia Quiz

Clockwise, from lower left: a bunch of Canadians, John McCain, Paul McCartney, Richard Nixon, Brian Wilson, Phil Spector.

                        Updated, maybe even perfected, 3:35AM Sept 21

The picture above is part of a quiz I’ve been working on. It’s about music, generally speaking.

There are two basic kinds of quizzes and they are age-related.

  • If you are school age, the goal is to determine whether you’ve been paying attention. (Can you convert fractions to decimals? When was Polk elected?)
  • If you’re no longer in school, the goal is to find out nice, reassuring things about yourself. (What’s your real age? Which Smurf are you?)

This one fails to fall in either category.

It’s supposed to be entertaining at best and silly at worst. I wasn’t going to post it tonight, but a promise is a promise. “Music Trivia” would be the general category, but you are a worthwhile person even if you do not pass. Click on the picture above to launch the quiz.

If you have any interest is seeing the full length performances referenced in the quiz, they are here.

There’s more to come about some of the songs and performers highlighted here. Stay tuned.

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