Sundays With Snyder – Number 4

Snyder’s career began in Milwaukee in the 1960s as a radio reporter. He then moved into local television news and anchored newscasts in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and New York before moving to late night.

Paul Friedman, a senior executive at CBS News who worked with Snyder on local news in New York, said he was a first-rate newswriter. He’d “read all the wire copy and then throw it away and write the story, quickly, in his own conversational, made-for-broadcast style. It always worked,” Friedman said.
Ed Hookstratten, Snyder’s longtime agent, said Snyder was one of the best local anchors in the country, but he loved interviewing “and always wanted his own hour. He loved to dig down and do his homework on whoever his guest was.” – Article in USA Today, 7/31/2007

This is our fourth Sunday With Snyder: every Sunday, ILT “rebroadcasts” Tom Snyder’s ABC Radio Show.

Tonight: September 4, 1992: Lawyer Melvin Belli (partial; joined in progress) and TV Guide Editor Anthea Disney.(NOTE: This is a new, significantly expanded file added on Dec. 21, 2009 which includes segments that had been missing).


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