A Stan Laurel Interview? It’s Imposterous!

From the program “Turning Point” with Art Friedman, recorded August 14, 1957. Art is a bit of a bloviator. You’ll be yelling “Shut up!” at your speakers and pounding your fist against the furniture as Art rambles on and asks some supremely stupid questions. Art inexplicably laughs at the mention of the name “Broncho Billy Anderson.” Stan’s first answers are short; he sounds as if he’s just a bit annoyed by the inane opening questions. But things warm up and Stan takes over, talking at length about his early career. And for that, we thank you, Art Friedman.


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When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade, Scatter Squeezed Lemons Around The Floor, Slip On Them, Break Three Discs and Crush Four Vertebrae

I have searched for Terry Rivers online, but cannot find him. If he’s alive (doubtful) I think he’s owed a sincere apology from everyone on the planet. The line between comedy and tragedy has never been as thin as it appears here; this is life as a Laurel and Hardy comedy minus the laughs. I was going to redact the photo and address information; but then I thought, “Why? Because ’something bad’ might happen as a result?” Be as incredulous as you like when you click on the picture to read about Terry’s post-high school life, but please be aware that this is no joke. It is an actual excerpt from a 20th high school reunion booklet.

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