Sundays With Snyder – Number 3

As a young man I attended Marquette University. I never did graduate, which nearly broke my Mom and Dad’s hearts. I was short ten credits because some professor claimed I copied another student’s book report. This professor had a morning class and an afternoon class. I was in the morning session, the other student in the afternoon. I never met him. Or her. I tried to convince the guy that if we were both reviewing the same book, as turned out to be the case, our reports would be similar. He didn’t buy it and flunked me. I was a senior and so pissed off I moved to Savannah, Georgia to start my television work. – Tom Snyder, April 9, 2003 (Picture: TS in bit part on The Rifleman, 1961 – From Videowatchdog)

This is our third Sunday With Snyder: every Sunday, ILT “rebroadcasts” Tom Snyder’s ABC Radio Show.

Tonight: August 26, 1992: Making Schools Better with Larry Martz and British Entertainer Des O’Connor. Tom’s hour with Des O’Connor is terrific.


or Download the mp3.

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