Now It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Jimmie Dodd traded his Mousegetar for a more lonely model to record this 1959 LP.

Download or listen here
. It’s great to hear Jimmie performing some non-Disney classics.

The song Lonely Guitar was performed by Annette Funicello on Disney’s Zorro.

Watch the clip here. (Annette was one of the few guitarists who could get a finger-picked sound simply by strumming her instrument.)

Jimmie Dodd and his wife Ruth cut some 78’s together. Here’s the A and B side of one single where the songs are more upbeat than lonely.

Download here. (Sorry, this is an older transfer that won’t stream.)

Jimmie Dodd was a mere 54 years old when he died in 1964; many of the kids who watched him every weekday on The Mickey Mouse Club in the 1950’s were not yet out of high school. We hadn’t seen him in years; he was like a friend from the old neighborhood.

I’m guessing that there has been only one memorial service in the history of the world featuring an organ interlude with this song line-up:

I’ll go a step further and say that there couldn’t have been a dry eye in the house when that last song finished.

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