Stories about Moppo and Carvel

Recognize anyone in this picture? How about the kid bottom right? The one with the jacket that has “Larry” embroidered on it? No? It’s Larry. Larry Zeiger. From Brooklyn?

OK, you know him as Larry King. CNN.

All right. Take a good look at these boys. Memorize their faces, because you’re about to ’see’ all of them in a story that Larry will tell you himself. Make that two stories, because if you’ve never heard the ‘Moppo’ story… you’ll want to hear both that one and the ‘Carvel’ story.

Larry gets kicked around in the press, and maybe he deserves the occasional criticism. But for me and, I suspect, lots of others, Larry earns his place in the heart for two stories he used to tell, and in fact still tells, about the bunch of kids seen in the photo. It doesn’t matter if the stories are somewhat, mostly, or completely true, as Larry swears they are. They are wonderful and hilarious and brilliantly told. If you’ve never heard them, you’re in for a treat. If you have heard them, you’re still in for a treat, because they’re worth listening to – and playing for friends and family – again and again. Don’t believe me? Click.

The Moppo Story
The Carvel Story (14m)

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