Laurel and Hardy by Jim Flora

Congratulations to my pals Irwin Chusid and Barbara Economon, who will be on hand tonight at The Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery in Seattle for an exhibition of Jim Flora’s original art, fine art prints, and Flora ephemera. The show runs through October 24. And congratulations to everyone who gets to see this show; I wish I could.

Jim Flora is best known for his incredible record album artwork, but in addition to his intense love of music, Flora also loved classic comedians and turned to them as subjects later in his life. Above is an unpublished 18″ by 24″ acrylic canvas of Stan and Babe; below, an unpublished 11″ by 14″ pen and ink drawing of Buster Keaton in “The General.” (Images © Jim Flora Art LLC)

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