From The Author Of Risky Business And The Artist Behind A Top Secret Book…

Ah, Crusader Rabbit. The first made-for-TV cartoon. Please note: as it says on the front cover, and as it says on the back cover, this is the authorized edition.

What kind of characters do we want?

Our favorite characters.

What kind of stories do we want?

Authorized stories.

How well I remember the infamous bedtime story raids of the late 50’s and early 60’s.

My parents, of course, bought authorized editions exclusively. But I lost more than one friend in the massive “Cartoon Character Sting” of 1960, when the parents of close friends purchased “the unauthorized stuff,” and ultimately paid a steep price as they, and their pajama-clad children, were dragged off to the pokey, never to return.

Why insist on Authorized Editions?

To protect young minds, of course.

When transvestite little people are depicted in an authorized edition, it’s tasteful!

I’m happy to present “Bubble Trouble,” which, when its pages are turned rapidly, actually exhibits more animated movement than the Crusader Rabbit cartoons themselves.

Crusader Rabbit in “Bubble Trouble (.pdf file)

Did You Know?
Author Nancy Hoag also wrote Risky Business
Artist Jan Neely once worked on a top-secret project for a pair of Mormons.

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