Sundays With Snyder No. 30 - Jack Benny Clips

Every once in a while – or so it seems – Tom’s personal interests and hobbies Tom Snyder 1998were catered to by the guest-booking department on The Radio Show. It’s hard to imagine that radio network executives desperately wanted an hour of “The Best of Jack Benny,” but Tom did that show, and more than once, with able assistance from Marty Halperin of Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters. (Another show preserved by Bryan Olson – thanks!)

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4 comments to Sundays With Snyder No. 30 – Jack Benny Clips

  • Jon

    hey buddy

    I enjoy the website. I sent u an email a couple of months ago. I’m looking for old wicc am 600 audio footage and commercials, news reports etc. Do you have any? Please email me back.



  • Don


    Sorry I didn’t respond earlier. Although I was an avid listener to WICC “service 60″ way back in the 60’s, all I have on tape are the Snyder shows – which occasionally have local promos in them, as well as news reports. I haven’t looked lately, but there used to be people out there who sold air checks from many different stations as well as promos and jingles. I went looking – has some WICC Jingles. I first saw WCCC, thought it might be a mistake, started listening… and it’s a really funny recording of a jock who cracked after ten straight hour on the air, and started playing the same song by Melanie, over and over….

    Best – Don

  • Jon

    Thanks Don!

    Is there anyway I can get those commercial breaks from the snyder shows? That would be cool. I listened to all the Snyder shows and they were great. WHat time was Snyder on Wicc back in the day?

  • Don

    I think Snyder was on WICC from either 9-12pm or 10pm-1am. There are a couple of shows posted here that include commercials. Since they tend to be the same commercials over and over again (Gold Bond Powder, Your Uncle Sam is Hiring, Sears, Vermont Teddy Bear, and the guy who wanted to buy old watches, etc.) I decided to leave them all in a couple of programs, but edit them out of the rest, because they become really annoying.