Sundays With Snyder - Number 27

This 50 minute clip (actually two “Nightside” segments pasted together) answers some fundamental questions.

Would life truly be better if:

  • Frank Fontaine was still imitating disabled people for laughs?
  • TV characters occasionally announced they were leaving to use the bathroom?
  • We stopped making fun of truly ignorant, truly arrogant people who choose politics as their career?
  • Better if we sterilized our 16-year-olds? 
  • Better if Paul Simon stopped writing anti-christian songs that agitated the lunatic fringe? 
  • Better if ZipLoc bags were easier to use? 
  • Better if TV earthquake movies were more easily comprehensible to the blind? 
  • Better if retailers didn’t project the “worst holiday season ever,” like clockwork every Thanksgiving?
  • Better if Eve Arden were still with us? If Presidents made mistakes?

Remember: if our money becomes worthless… their investment becomes worth even more, because they could take the money they saved and put in in an envelope and forget about it until morning, when they would open it up to see what their share of the national debt would be.

Touche. Right On.

Sad to say, this could be the last TS post for awhile. If I find another horde of tapes, you can bet I’ll put them up here. But I may be indisposed for a few weeks and in no condition to go horde-hunting. Until then – sleep tight, America.

Listen or download.

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1 comment to Sundays With Snyder – Number 27

  • "Nutball Gazette"

    I just found your site, I found it looking up Larry King's Carvel Story and You had it complete, Now I see all the Tom Snyder and lots of other stuff. I have this bookmarked and I will add to my Must Read List on My Blog. Great Job, I see you are from Long Island, I grew up in the Port Jeff station and Riverhead area.