Sundays With Snyder - Number 9

August 25, 1992: Tom takes a live feed from a newsman awaiting Hurricane Andrew (“Will New Orleans come away clean from this?”), interviews political pundit Eleanor Clift and actress Dana Delaney.

We’re in the beginning of the Bush/Clinton campaign, post conventions, which Tom covers with Eleanor. (The more things change…)

Dana Delaney is, in a word, delightful.

(Photo: 1968)


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2 comments to Sundays With Snyder – Number 9

  • Eric L.


    Just want to tell you that I listen to every one of these gems… on Sunday night! I unfortunately don't have time to comment each time (and lots of things could be said, for sure!). What a treat really – many thanks sincerely! I love Tom Snyder a lot. He's certainly missed and I would like to ear/see what he would make of times like these.

    Cheers to you from Montreal. Good work.

  • Anonymous

    Howdy ,Thank You , Thank you , Thank you for allowing numb skulls such as my self to enjoy once again the mystery that was TOM SNYDER…. bless you…

    And that Elener Cliff what a beautiful sexy woman…. what a rare gem

    CoonDawg @ Austin Tejas