Embers Try To Douse Fire

Have you ever seen embers man a fire hose?

There is a 1935 Mickey Mouse cartoon entitled “Mickey’s Fire Brigade” where flames get control of a fire hose… but embers?

Have you ever seen a man who consists mostly of cement and a slate roof?

And would you think a man made of slate and cement would express his great debt of gratitude to firefighters by saying “They didn’t do nothing wrong?”

You haven’t been reading The Long Islander.

The Long Islander is a local newspaper based in Huntington, Long Island, New York. The newspaper was founded in the 19th century by poet Walt Whitman. Despite having been run out of town rather unceremoniously due to his romantic interest in people who shared his gender… Walt Whitman has triumphed. Forget those poems… this guy now has a shopping mall named in his honor.

We’ve forgiven Whitman – the town has a pride parade each year in which Whitman would most happily have marched. I doubt if we’ll ever forgive the writer of the article above left, though.

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