There’s An Old Saying

I like a good homily as much as the next guy.

I can totally get the idea of “words to live by.”

I understand the universal need to remind ourselves, every so often, to work, to love, to dance.

The words seen in the picture above aren’t my words to live by. Yet I found myself staring at them every day.

At the moment, Home Sweet Home for the staff of ILT is a house that’s been rented for a few weeks. A lovely house; a comfortable house – but a house that has far more than its fair share of plaquered and laquered adages and apothegms dotting the interior landscape. (I haven’t yet explored the garage, but I’ll bet there’s an old saw in there, as well).

After a few days living here in Mr. Motto’s house, it became clear that something needed to be done ere my existence be maximized.

It’s also an experiment: Will anyone notice subtle changes? At no small expense, I have had replicas made of each of the proverbial placards – and replaced the originals.

See if you can spot the differences:

Another before-and-after set:

The menopause quote: Fantasy.

The menopause quote: Reality.



No real information:

A definitive visual statement:

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