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TourGuide: Here’s a typical abandoned blog. Take a look around.
Fusion50: When was it abdomened
TourGuide: early 21st century.
Fusion50: why
TourGuide: it should have been destroyed in the Google purge
TourGuide: The owner left and never came back
Fusion50: good move
Fusion50: but its not distroyed
TourGuide: When they shut down the blogosphere, they didn’t bother to erase them all.
Fusion50: why borther
Fusion50: bother
Fusion50: i dont see what so special
Hstrygrl: Fusion50, all surviving blogs were declared protected historic sites
TourGuide: Right, content plays no role in preservation. The only thing that’s ’special’ is that it survived.
Hstrygrl: It’s the retro templates, the drop shadows, that stupid header and things like counter styles etc that are interesting
TourGuide: This is one of three surviving Blogger sites that used TicTac (Blueberry).
Hstrygrl: It screams Dan Cederholm from 8 miles away
Fusion50: so its like an art thing they kept it
Hstrygrl: Tictac blue was less popular than Tictac green :-0

Fusion50: omg
artgeek: lol! Where’d you get that
Fusion50:so like thousands of people had blogs that looked exactly the same -what the point
artgeek: i think it’s hysterical!!!!
TourGuide: The other tictac templates that survived are this one and this one.
artgeek: you’re making my head spin
TourGuide: Any other questions? If not, meet me here and I’ll answer any additional questions.
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