Celery Stalk Queen With Crown Wanted

Over at YouTube, under the quickly-thought-up sobriquet SandySoup, I’ve posted quite a few videos (some of them with Sandy Becker and others with Soupy Sales). Some have appeared here on ILT, others have not.

This email arrived via YouTube today:

Before 1964, my twin brother and I clearly remember seeing this weird sci-fi puppet show (no, not “Thunderbirds” Or “Fireball XL 5.” It was supposed to take place on Venus and its queen was this howingingly funny “queen” who looked like a stalk of celery with a crown on. Does that spark any memories for you? Also, can you find any of the old “Space Angels? Dig those real human mouths superimposed over barely moving animated figures!

The celery-stalk Venusian Queen… funny, you’d think you’d remember something like that. Sounds familiar, but offhand, I can’t think of what it might be. Anybody around here know?

In Jerry Beck’s “Cartoon Dump” show in NYC (see below), one cartoon selected for presentation was Captain Fathom, one of those Cambria Productions “live lips supered onto drawings” shows. Jerry also mentioned something I never knew – that ALL the lips – ALL of them – belonged to Margaret Kerry, who was married to the producer. She lip-synched recordings of the male voices and did a few of her own. And she was, and many of you know, the model for Disney’s Tinkerbell.

Here’s some trivia: Conan O’Brien’s writing staff calls their comedy bits where superimposed lips are placed over pictures of politicians their “Clutch Cargo” segments, a reference to another of the Cambria “lips-only” animation titles.

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