Name These Disney Artists/ FX Artists!

EBay seller Tiqu has these photos are up for auction – but none of those pictured are identified. I can’t put my hands on my copy of Illustrated Field Guide to Disney Personnel, so – can anybody make a positive ID?

“Disney artists earn while they learn the profession of animation. To them are entrusted the inconsequential bits of action. They are directly supervised by one of the regular animators.”

“Comparable to a set designer in a live-action studio is this man – a layout artist in Disney terminology. He is one of the artists who design the watercolor backgrounds used in the animated productions.”

“A corner of the sound effect department. Thousands of sounds, from frog croaks to train wheels, are filed away in little drawers.”

“The sound effects boys are on the verge of giving the pictured crates a tumble. The result will probably be a sound effect of Donald Duck taking a spill.”

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