In Search of the Shaggs – 25th Anniversary Edition

I was probably the last kid on my block to discover the Shaggs.

Frank Zappa had already declared the group “better than the Beatles;” Rolling Stone had already covered the LP and would go on to name Philosophy of the World “one of the 100 most influential alternative albums ever released.”

But I didn’t know that.

Not when, almost exactly 25 years ago, I walked into a record store and asked what, in the owner’s opinion, was the worst rock and roll record of all time.

Without hesitation, he suggested Philosophy of the World by The Shaggs.

Equally without hesitation, I went on to create a 20 minute audio documentary – just for distribution to friends – titled In Search of the Shaggs.

Link to In Search of the Shaggs 20 minute audio.

Link to The Shaggs Official Site.

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