Non-Disney Disney Songs About Disney

Not songs by Disney; songs about Disney. Carefully selected for your listening pleasure:

  • Song 1 is about Walt Disney World and the lyrics contain “I got my annual pass”
  • Song 2 is about Randy Newman, Elton John, Phil Collins and the lyrics contain “If you love LA, but the rent is late…/ Write yourself a Disney Song”
  • Song 3 is about Times Square in New York City and the lyrics contain “Welcome to Disney World New York City zone”
  • Song 4 is about shopping, and the lyrics contain “We will remove Starbucks and Disney”
  • Song 5 is about McDonald’s, and the lyrics contain “Can’t you see they’re in cahoots with Walt Disney?”
  • Song 6 – Contains the lyric “日本 迪士尼 “
  • Tracks 7, 8, 9, are not songs and thus contain no lyrics
  • Track 10 is Song 7 and includes the chilling lyric “When they thaw out Uncle Disney/ gonna be some changes made/ pointin’ fingers/ askin’ questions/ 40 years of decisions made.”

Link: Non-Disney Disney Songs.

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