Sundays With Snyder No. 40

From Bryan Olson: Eva Marie Saint reminisces about working on Hitchcock’s North By Northwest as well as her work in theatre and radio.

Wikipedia reports that Saint, who turned 86 last month, has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – one for motion pictures and another for television.

The all-time Walk of Fame record for multiple stars is held by Gene Autry, who has five – for motion pictures, radio, recording, television and live theater.

I’m happy for Gene, but somebody needs to tell me why Dudley Moore has only one star, awarded for motion pictures. Moore did live theater on Broadway (Beyond The Fringe and Good Evening with Peter Cook). Moore played piano in The Dudley Moore Trio, which recorded quite a few albums.  His television series with Peter Cook, Not Only But Also, was hugely successful in England. Gene Autry gets five stars? Dudley Moore certainly deserves four.

That means Peter Cook deserves three stars; and he has exactly zero at present, which makes him tied with Tom Snyder, who is also yet to be recognized for his television and radio work.

When they rip up Hollywood Boulevard or Vine Street to correct these egregious omissions, they should use the opportunity to add a radio star and theater star for  Eva Marie Saint. Then she’d be tied with Dudley Moore.

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“Lie To Me” Viewers Can’t Escape Verizon Ad

I’m a DVR-user. A time-shifter.

I didn’t start watching “Lie To Me” this evening until the show was half-over. That way, I could fast-forward through the commercials.

One of the commercials tonight was for Verizon. But Verizon tricked me into watching it. Probably a lot of other DVR viewers were tricked as well. Continue reading ““Lie To Me” Viewers Can’t Escape Verizon Ad” » →

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Dinah Sheridan As Peter Pan… And As Wendy.

The lovely Dinah Sheridan is one of three actresses to play both lead roles in  theatrical productions of “Peter Pan.” In her 1934 UK tour, she played Wendy Darling, and in 1936, she played Peter Pan until Elsa Lanchester had finished the London season. Elsa Lanchester is the only “Peter Pan” who also has portrayed the Bride of Frankenstein. (The other two actresses who have played both Wendy and Peter on the stage are Lila Marivan (Peter in 1919, and Wendy in 1923) and Joan Greenwood (dates unknown). What breakfast food powered the performances of the other actresses has been lost to time.

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Sundays With Snyder - Number 9

August 25, 1992: Tom takes a live feed from a newsman awaiting Hurricane Andrew (“Will New Orleans come away clean from this?”), interviews political pundit Eleanor Clift and actress Dana Delaney.

We’re in the beginning of the Bush/Clinton campaign, post conventions, which Tom covers with Eleanor. (The more things change…)

Dana Delaney is, in a word, delightful.

(Photo: 1968)


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